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The problem areas include the classic freight forwarding activities of advice and organizing thetransportation, handling, and storage processes (TUL) process taking into account the economic,scheduling and organizational aspects.

Were supplemented in the new profession, the process-oriented perspective (business process orientation) and the additional emphasis of dangerous and logistics.


Merchants Freight forwarding and logistics services ...

  • plan and organize freight shipping, handling and storage and other logistical services in compliance with relevant legislation and environmental concerns
  • monitor and control the interaction of those involved in logistics chains individuals and entities
    take advantage of opportunities to consolidate shipments into larger load units
    insurance coverage, obtain
  • customs and foreign trade regulations into account
  • use information and communication technologies
  • To collect information and make it available
  • correspond and communicate with foreign business partners and customers in English and process English language documents
  • identify customer requirements, advise and support customers
  • identify and evaluate service offerings on the transport and logistics market
  • calculate prices
  • Offers work and prepare contracts
  • customer complaints and damage claims process and to have claims
  • payments and transactions through the dunning process,assist in the determination of costs andrevenues, and with the commercial management
  • monitor the market and contribute to the further development of services with their business,contribute to build networks to the summary, transport and delivery of cargoes
  • work with, in the development of logistics concepts

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